Kingdom Of Galanor

From our thread on the Unity Forums

Have been tidying up the network code that handles parties and combat, particularly to make sure that unexpected disconnects are handled gracefully and don’t result in errors and null reference exceptions for the remaining clients.

The party system is substantially complete and is working exactly as planned. The combat system is partially implemented, with passive and aggressive mob behaviour.

When we originally started developing this we had player stats network synchronised, so any time any player had a stat update (HP, MP, DEX etc.) it was broadcast to every connected client, which created unnecessary network traffic. But it became clear that most of the time access to remote client stats wasn’t required, and it would be more efficient to have stats on the local client only and just send the stats to any interested clients on the occasion they are required.

We currently have a placeholder scene in place for combat, and in that we can see that the party leader correctly receives data from all players in the party, which it will use to calculate the result of the combat, and then transmit that to the other party members as and when needed.

Hopefully, the next update should have a working implementation of the turn-based combat system.

Players are currently only sending about 1 update a second to synchronise position and rotation (packed into one vector3), which although doesn’t result in absolutely perfect synchronisation is easily good enough for this type of game.

Also, we have also been experimenting with a shader based random screen transition system.