UNET Tutorials

Sadly due to the current state of UNET, specifically the number of bugs and inconsistencies it suffers from, I have decided to abandon my series of networking tutorials for it for the time being.

This has been prompted by the discovery that my simple MatchMaker based project, which I was writing to demonstrate a custom network manager and HUD, disconnects clients after around 15 seconds due to a bug in UNET (which I have reported, tracker no. 794106). There are also further bugs and omissions in the Matchmaker system that make it difficult to produce a clean and reliable end user experience at the moment.

Consequently I have begun work converting my previous UNET tutorial series to Photon PUN and all further networking tutorials will be based on the same.

Once UNET is more stable I may consider carrying on with tutorials for it, however I think this won’t be likely in the near future.

In case anyone is interested though, here is a link to the abandoned Unity Project I was working on, and these are the scripts, hopefully they may prove to be of use to someone.