Easy Invoke Released

Our first Unity Asset, Easy Invoke is available now on the Unity Asset Store.

Want to accelerate and streamline your Unity coding, get Easy Invoke now!

What is Easy Invoke?
Easy Invoke is a powerful and flexible tool designed to enhance scripting in Unity environments by simplifying the management and execution of coroutines and asynchronous tasks. Aimed at developers looking to streamline complex timing and task sequences in their applications, Easy Invoke provides a robust API that integrates seamlessly with Unity’s native coroutine system and extends its capabilities to non-MonoBehaviour scripts.

Key Features of Easy Invoke

• Delay Code Execution
Easily delay execution of parameterless and parameterized methods.

• Coroutine Handling
Allows the initiation, management, and stopping of coroutines from scripts that do not inherit from MonoBehaviour, facilitating more modular and reusable code architectures.

• Task Conversion
Can run coroutines as tasks for use in multithreaded applications, enhancing the ability to perform asynchronous operations alongside Unity’s main thread.

• Frame Skipping

Offers methods to delay the execution of actions by skipping frames, providing more control over the timing and sequencing of game logic.

• Chainable Methods
Supports the creation of chains of methods and delays, which can be executed in sequence to coordinate complex sets of operations with precise timing.

• Repeatable Jobs
Enables the scheduling of repeatable tasks that can execute actions at fixed intervals, which is ideal for tasks such as polling or continuous checks within the game environment.

Easy Invoke is designed to be intuitive and easy to integrate, requiring minimal setup to get started. Whether you are developing complex game mechanics, interactive animations, or any system that requires precise timing control, Easy Invoke aims to provide a straightforward and powerful solution to manage these needs effectively.