Kingdom Of Galanor

From our thread on the Unity Forums

KoG is progressing nicely, we added a lot of content over the past month or so. It’s now got various types of NPCs, including vendors, quest NPCs and professions trainers.

We’ve implemented the quest system, which is story driven and supports multiple types of quest objective, including but not limited to talk to/take item to another NPC, kill a number of mobs, kill mobs to collect drops, search for and find collectable items, explore an area, etc. etc. Each quest can have multiple objectives made up of a combination of any of the available objective types.

Quests can be part of a longer chain, and some are repeatable daily.

We’ve implemented a lot more professions, there’s currently 17 different professions with more to come. All of the useful items in the game (potions, food, armour weapons) can be made, and as the profession skill increases, things like armour and weapons will have a chance to be better quality, with better stats.

Some more screenshots…

Exploring the local caverns

I wonder what’s on the other side of this portal…

Playing with my new combat skill

NPCs with quests

Quest dialogue example

Professions UI

Gathering some ingredients

WIP Room interior