Kingdom Of Galanor

From our thread on the Unity Forums

Earlier this year we started work on a multiplayer RPG game, The Kingdom of Galanor and have recently reached the point that we can start doing some testing of network code.

We think we will probably use PUN, partly because of our familiarity with it already and partly because of the automatic host migration, because we are opting for player hosted rooms rather than dedicated servers.

In this test (video below, showing two of the clients) we conduct a 20 player test of our latest player (and pets) transform and animation synchronisation code and interest management; With 20CCU split roughly evenly between 2 maps it resulted in a maximum of only 116 msg/s and about 12mb data per hour. (The data will be optimised further).

The test itself was quite busy in terms of constant player movement, and in practise I think the network traffic would probably be lower than the test indicated. Our aim is to be able to support 32 players per game (room) and at the moment it looks like we are on course to be able to fit that into the room limit of 500 msg/s limit imposed by PUN (Photon Unity Networking).

We are also well into the development of the quests, combat and work skills/production systems and I’ll post updates on those once we’ve got something to show.

The intention is that this will be a PC only game and will be released on Steam.

Early alpha test of networking code