Tetriks Cube

Just released the Android version of our Ludum Dare #35 game jam entry, Tetriks Cube.

Tetriks Cube is a kind of fusion of Rubik’s cube, Tetris and Hole In The Wall.

The aim of the game is to get your cube to pass through as many walls as possible by rotating the cube so that the coloured blocks facing you line up with the coloured hole in the approaching walls. Get it lined up properly and you destroy the wall and score points, get it wrong and the wall destroys you and it’s game over.

As you progress the speed you move increases, giving you less and less time to react. How many walls can you negotiate on hard difficulty?

There are three levels of difficultly, the higher the difficulty the faster your cube moves at the start of the game. But you score more points per wall as a reward.

There are separate Google Play Game Services leaderboards for each difficulty level and various achievements to unlock. Are you skilled enough to be the top scorer?

The simple swipe control system makes this an easy game to pick up, but it will require quick thinking and fast reactions to stay at the top of the leaderboard.

Google Play Store Page

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